ETP (Effluent treatment plant)

Effluent treatment plant helps in controlling water pollution and enables in keeping a check on water borne diseases. It also serves an additional purpose of reducing wastage of water by re-cycling waste water. Industrial waste or effluent contains lot of toxic substances and other harmful substances. These waste are non biodegradable. Therefore, it undergoes 3 main stages in order to, make it reusable and fit for drinking. These stages are divided into primary stage, secondary stage and tertiary stage. Firstly, the effluent is stored in quiescent basin, where solid waste settles down and lighter waste like oil, grease float on the surface. Solid and light waste is removed and water is sent further for next stage of treatment. Here, dissolved and suspended biological matter is removed. this is done with the help of water-borne microbes in a managed habitat, which are removed before discharging the treated water for next stage. Finally, tertiary treatment is done, here the water is further disinfected with chemicals. Then this water is used for irrigation of golf course, wetland or is discharged into stream. If the water is very clean then it is used for groundwater recharge or purposes.

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