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Hari Ions (India) commenced its operation by setting up Hari Ions (India). It achieved quick successes because of its entrepreneurs' long experience involvements in this industry. Anticipating the new requirements of manufacturing of Hydro Pneumatic Equipments in shorter leading time & flexibility in production.

HARI IONS (INDIA) successfully has secured reputed corporate house in its clientele. HARI IONS (INDIA) takes a lot pride that it is serving most of its clients through a lasting & trusted relationship.

HARI IONS (INDIA) expanded its capacity continuously The wide assortment of water treatment solutions offered by the company includes Multi Grade Sand Filters, Activated Carbon Filters, Manual Water Softener, Chemical Dosing Systems, RO System, UV Water & Waste Water Treatment System, DM Plants, Packaged Reverse Osmosis Systems, ETP (Effluent treatment plant), Sewage Treatment Plant, Swiming Pool, Resin & Chemical / Test Kitz / Spare Parts, Iron/Oil/Flouride Removal System. Quality Control & Assurance: HARI IONS (INDIA) has handed its quality Control System, which is comprised of thorough material, process and product checks. By remodeling & refining the system continuously, HARI IONS (INDIA) features now a unique capability in terms of industry -low rework thereby high quality product in quickest possible time. The firm has acquired latest technology like computerized quality control & feedback process, and has created a quality consciousness among its workforce.

Offering our clients cost-effective water treatment solutions, known for advanced technology and result oriented approach.

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