UV & Waste Water TreatmentSystem

Ultra-violet (UV) treatment is the disinfection process of passing water by a special light source. Immersed in the water in a protective transparent sleeve, the special light source emits UV waves that can inactivate harmful microorganisms. This method of treatment is growing in popularity because it does not necessarily require the addition of chemicals. Ultraviolet purification uses a UV light source (lamp) which is enclosed in a protective transparent sleeve (usually quartz). The lamp is mounted such that water passing through a flow chamber is exposed to the UV-C light rays. When harmful microbes are exposed to the UV rays, their nucleic acid absorbs the UV energy, which then scrambles the DNA structure of the organism. The cell is rendered sterile and can no longer reproduce. The cell is now considered dead and is no longer a threat.

  • UV chambers both internally and externally electro polished with double side flanges,
  • unique socket design, drain port and probe base.
  • Quartz glass technology for superior UV transmission
  • Specialized High intensity UV lamps rated for 9000 hours
  • Fails safe, on line validation with UV monitoring facility
  • Time elapse meter
  • Unique wiper assembly

  Technical Specifications:
  • “Arklite” UV Water & Waste Water Treatment System (To eliminate microbial count, if any, from water and the treated sewage)
  • Flow Rate: 1 CMH to 100 CMH
  • SS 304/316 Shell, internally and externally mirror finished
  • Shell will have clamps for easy dismantling and cleaning.
  • Designed for requisite number of UV lamps.
  • Necessary gaskets
  • Designed for double open end quartz tube with 95% UV transmittance.
  • Inlet and Outlet of size : as per flow rate
  • UV Dosage @ 40 mJ / sq. cm. for water treatment and 60mJ / sq. cm. For wastewater treatment
  • UV transmission in water is 85%

  Control Panel:
  • Construction: Indoor Wall mounted, made out of CRCA sheet, powder coated, dust and vermin proof, IP42 grade and, Complete with MCB
  • copper busbars and wired electronic ballasts
  • Power ON indicator
  • Lamp ON indicators
  • Run Hour meter
  • UV intesity meter (optional)

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