Water Softener Plant

This technique is ideally suited to treat water having hardness. The flow of water during opoartion and the flow of the brine (salt solution) used to regenerate the unit are opposite to each other. Treated water is produced with consistent, low residual hard ness throughout the cycle. Ion Exchanger Process is used to exchange sodium ions for hardness forming magnesium & calcium and thus produce soft water. At the end of each service cycle the ion exchanger resins is regenerated with sodium chloride solution after which the unit is ready for the next service cycle.

  • Boiler feed
  • Textile Processing
  • Beverage Production
  • Cooling water make-up
  • Hospitals, hotel, laundries & air conditioning plant

  Specification of FRP (Fibre Reinforced Plastic) Softner:
  • One FRP pressure vessel fitted with plastic internal fitting
  • One manual lever operated multiport valve with brine ejector & Plastic piping.
  • One Complete charge of ion exchangers resins.
  • One Combined salt tank of HOPE/ FRP with fittings and brine filtering media.

  Specification of MS (Mild Steel) Softner
  • One mild steel pressure vessel provided with an inlet distributor, an outlet collecting system and a brine distributor. The vessel is painted externally with a Rubber lining and Epoxy coatings protective coat of red oxide and internally with anticorrosive.
  • One set of control valves with all piping inlet & outlet terminals.
  • One corrosion - resistant combined salt/ brine measuring tank provided with brine suction piping \\ith
  • adjustable indicating clamp, hydraulic ejector and control valve.
  • One set of fitting for concrete salt saturated, wherever applicable, to be constructed by the client.
  • One orifice board for indicating wash and rinse flow raters (to be fitted in the drain sump).
  • One charge of ion exchangers resins with supporting underbed.

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